Miss Tourism International 2013 is Miss Philippines Angelie Dione Gomez

God is so good for all the Filipinos this year 2013, year end pageant the Philippines win Miss Tourism International 203/2014.

Miss Tourism International 2013/2014: ANGELIE DIONE GOMEZ (PHILIPPINES)

Miss Tourism International 2013/2014: ANGELIE DIONE GOMEZ (PHILIPPINES)

A Back to Back wins for the Philippines.


Congratulations Angelie we are so proud of you its really a  good year 2014 to start with.

Here is the other result of tonight’s pageant.

WINNER – Philippines – Angeli Dione Gomez (Miss Tourism International 2013)
1st Runner up – Thailand – Sunidporn Srisuwan (Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2013)
2nd Runner up – Australia – Sarah Czarnuch (Miss Tourism Metropolitan 2013)
3rd Runner up – Dominican Republic – Michelle Alexis Torres (Miss Tourism Global 2013)
4th Runner up – Malaysia – Thaarah Ganesan (Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan)

Top 10
1.Australia – Sarah Czarnuch
2.Vietnam – Phan Hoang Thu
3.Bosnia & Herzegovina – Aleksandra Kovacevic
4.Ukraine – Oleksandra Timonina
5.Thailand – Sunidporn Srisuwan
6.Portugal – Sara Monica Matias da Silveira
7.Zimbabwe – Dananai Ratiozo Chipunza
8.Philippines – Angeli Dione Gomez
9.Malaysia – Thaarah Ganesan
10.Dominican Republic – Michelle Alexis



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